Capital Con DC Canceled

Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances Capital Con DC is unable to proceed from here on out. We do appreciate everyone's support leading up to this. We do know that passes have been bought and paid for and since that money was being reinvested into the Con to make it what we hoped it would become, we intend to refund all guests and vendors, however it may take a little time. Even if we have to dip into our own pockets.

Welcome to Capital Con DC

Capital Con DC is a convention that wants to promote and foster growth in the science fiction and fantasy genres. We plan to host small community events and an annual convention in the Washington, DC metro area. We want to bring exciting industries guests to the fans.


Sci-Fi Photo Guys

Sci-Fi Photo Guys puts you in your place! Well, in the background of your choosing, I mean! With professional green screen photography, custom backgrounds (over 150 to choose from and growing!), and expert digital editing, Sci-Fi Photo Guys can make you look great while attending Capital Con DC!


Jei is their professional photographer and Sci-Fi Photo Guys front man. He’ll take multiple shots with multiple poses to make sure they get the perfect shot for your photo.


D. is the man (or machine?) behind the computer working his digital magic. He’ll make sure you fit into your chosen background and add any special effects to make your photo really zing!  Check out their website for a gallery of photos taken at other conventions.